Francesco Taccone talks at CLUS-IT on the Internet of Military Things: how AI can strengthen cybersecurity

12 Oct 2023

The Internet of Military Things (IoMT) or the Internet of Things on the 'battlefield', applied to the context of military operations and national security., was the core theme of the Webinar held by CLUS-IT, the Italian Association for Information Security, on 9 October 2023. 

Francesco Taccone, CEO of negg Group attended with strong interest along with speakers such as Angelo Tofalo (CEO AT Agency), Nicola Grandis (CEO ASC27srl and AIDA46srl) and Dario Evola (CTO Olidata).

During the Webinar, Taccone shared his perspective on the crucial applications of Artificial Intelligence to cybersecurity to anticipate and prevent cyber threats, thus contributing to the reinforcement of the national security perimeter.

In his speech, he highlighted a series of key elements to contribute to the advancement of this field, among which he emphasised the importance of supporting and promoting the qualitative heritage of Made in Italy both in terms of defence and proactive approach, stressing that focusing on the territory and the excellence that is built in it is essential to hold a strategic advantage mark created by the sense of belonging and common responsibility in protecting and improving our country.

Another particularly significant aspect addressed by the negg Group CEO was the call for the involvement of young people, most of whom attended the event, who will determine, as Taccone states, 'the future generation of cybersecurity leaders and guardians'. 

With this message, the negg Group CEO wanted, and wants, to exhort the future professionals to stick to and embrace an ethical approach in the management of AI technologies and to develop out of the box thinking capable of dealing with the ever-emerging challenges in the world of cybersecurity.

Francesco Taccone's participation in CLUS-IT Webinar was a remarkable moment for the company, as he pointed out the strategic importance of AI as a tool to improve cybersecurity and emphasised the crucial role of youth in shaping the future of national security in Italy and worldwide.


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