"LE FONTI AWARDS 2018" Interview with Francesco Taccone

23 Nov 2018

Francesco Taccone, CEO of negg®, which has been named the 2018 winner of the prestigious "Excellence of the year, Innovation & Leadership – Cyber security" Prize, interviewed in Milan for "Le Fonti Awards" said: "Reaching a top-level position in cyber security sector, which is highly competitive, requires major investment in research and development, to offer to our customers high-performing products and innovative solutions". And more: "These days we talk a great deal about "Internet of Things", undoubtedly the increase in the use of smart devices is a trend but is a way to be more productive as well. What matters is being aware of the possible risks. All devices are vulnerable, therefore it is crucial, especially for enterprises, to rely on companies, like negg®, which are able to guarantee adequate protection to their data and systems".


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