negg® platinum sponsor for “Hacker on a cruise” a training-vacation from an idea of HackInBo

07 Mar 2019

A unique and new initiative (first time in Europe!) in the cybersecurity education landscape and negg, always with a look ahead, wanted to be part of that and support this interesting event. From an idea of HackInBo, a totally free and non-profit making event which is into its twelfth edition over the past six years, for this time the organizers have chosen a totally new formula.

Program of the event The ship will set sail starting from Genoa on 2nd of May and it sails for four days in the Western Mediterranean via Barcelona and Marseille. During the cruise, all the participants will be involved in exciting courses focused on Offensive security and Digital Forensics. It will be addressed topics such as risk and vulnerability assessment, penetration test, red/blue teaming and methods of incident response (just to name a few).


Target The target audience involves both adults aged 18 to 65 years passionate about cybersecurity and digital forensics and different professionals such as lawyers, manager, law enforcement, developer. By taking part to this event the participants will not become a penetration tester or cybersecurity experts but definitely they will learn new things and have a lot of fun by visiting amazing places and knowing new people who share a common passion.

Do not miss it, negg is on board!


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