negg awarded as "Campione della Crescita 2023"

29 Nov 2022
Growth negg awarded 2023

negg® has been named one of the companies recognized as "Campioni della crescita" for its success in managing difficult crisis situations and significant contribution to the Italian manufacturing system.

This is the title given by the ITQF (Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza) to the 800 companies that were took in consideration in the fifth edition of the research, in which negg® achieved the 125th position, placing itself well ahead compared to competitors.

An investigation aimed at rewarding the excellences of the Italian economy that, throughout the three-year period from 2018 to 2021, demonstrated significant innovation and dynamicism by generating new products and job opportunities. Additionally, they have helped to rehabilitate and improve the country's quality of life, acting as the primary recovery business-drivers.

The research of the ITQF, which took into account 50 thousand companies, ended with the awarding of the top 800 firms that met specific criteria, such as having achieved a primarily organic growth rate, useful to determine an eventual occupational decline, being self-sufficient businesses, and meeting the requirements of Article 89 of DLGs. 50/2016.

The list of winners was created with reference to average annual growth using the calculation of the annual compound growth rate, known as CAGR (Compounded Average Growth Rate), which was developed using the following formula:

CAGR = (revenue 2021 / revenue 2018)1/3 – 1.

A chart shows an increase of the total revenue of 111% at the end of the 3-year period, with mainly positive results about employment with 46.000 new jobs, in which prevail small and medium companies operating at an international level and representing the industrial (13,5%), technological (12.4%), services (10,8%) and of marketing & sales (8,8%) sectors, with Milan (107), Rome (80) and Naples (42) as the most rewarded provinces.

According to the study, negg® is ranked 14th out of 99 technological companies and 16th out of 80 businesses in Rome, thanks to annual growth rates of 56.29% and 1,822 and 6,957 MIO, respectively, between 2018 and 2021, as well as a shift from 22 to 36 in the number of employees over the same three-year period.

This result, previously affirmed with the award received by Industria Felix Magazine in 2021 and confirmed in this occasion, is not only the proof of a great competitiveness, but also of a great work resulted from the sense of belonging and the ability of adaptation that are typical of the company, characteristics that make the difference between a small organization and a great business.


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