The Summer Challenge: The team under the sun

31 Aug 2023

Summer is the time of high temperatures, sunshine and endless days at the beach, but it is also the right opportunity to recharge the batteries after months spent working on many projects, with the aim of getting back on track and facing the challenges of the new year.

We all feel the need for a holiday, some time to free our minds from the constant flow of information; that is why we decided to take a break that would not make us miss it too much...

For the August break, in order to maintain a constant connection and closeness with our community, the negg marketing division proposed a fresh, light and 'summery' approach as a new communication strategy. The 'Summer Challenge: The team under the sun' was developed with the aim of giving a breath of fresh air, staying connected even if 'offline', by sharing those unique moments that our team members experienced during the summer break; exotic destinations, new culinary experiences, adventures in contact with nature and experimenting with new potential and promising hobbies.

The strategy, developed to make the team a leading player once again, saw its active involvement in sharing several significant nuances of this summer; for this reason, every member was asked to feel free to shoot some photos, which were later shared as instagram stories, based on three themes: an "outdoor adventure" such as visiting a special place or going on a trip, trying a "summer skill" out, like approaching a new sport or trying new experiences out of our comfort zone, and a "sustainable activity" intended to deliver a green lifestyle.  

This challenge is not just about the picture itself, but about the emotions that that precise moment is able to generate; for this reason, in addition to the contents, it was asked to send some quotes to clearly express the type of sensation that the experience evoked and, later, put everything inside various polaroid-like layouts, in order to stay solid to what the main concept of the challenge was: impress a valuable summer memory.

For negg, staying connected and united is crucial, especially when physical distances seem to increase, and in this technology and digital advancement offer a great contribution, but at the same time, let us not forget how important it is to 'unplug', step away from the displays for a while and 'photograph' each moment first with our eyes and only then pull out the camera.


With regard to the work-life balance, we are convinced that being able to find time for ourselves in such an interconnected and hectic age is crucial in order to enjoy the simple aspects of our daily lives and at the same time functional to ensure a serene and stimulating work experience. The intention of this initiative, which, in its own small way, involved every member of the team, was precisely to immerse you in snippets of everyday life, providing a closer look at our more human side.

In a daily grind of goals, how often do we stop to reflect on how important it is to take care of our passions and needs?

Investing time in ourselves allows us to get our energy back together and return to work with greater motivation, focus and creativity.

So remember: allow yourself some moments to recharge your batteries and live them as intensively as possible.


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