Training, digitalisation, and work: Enterprises meet the youth in Reggio Calabria

29 Nov 2019

On Monday 2 December 2019 in Corrado Alvaro Palace in Reggio Calabria, a meeting between companies and the youth will take place to understand in which direction the job market is moving.

negg is among the partners of the event along with MB Consulting and FARIMPRESA. Several Professionals from different fields will be involved in the debate.

The event is promoted by FORMAZIENDA, CONFSALFORM and CONFSAL which support in years the ongoing training of workers in Calabria Region. Particularly during the event, CONFSALFORM will present the course “Digital security and Compliance”.

The focus will be on the crucial role of an extensive, digitalized-orientated and continuous training.

These topics are included in the training program I-CARE which supports several training courses focus on innovation and development of specific skills to classes for a major economic relaunch of SME.

The idea is to involve the youth and entrepreneurs to discuss together mutual future expectations.

The chairman will be Giampaolo Latella, a journalist. In the debate will take part also: Caterina Belcastro, city council member to training, Salvatore Piroscia, president of CONFSALFORM, Mario Bruzzese, for MB consulting, Rodolfo Politi, responsible for training division in negg, Pasquale Calabrese, for FARIMPRESA.

Program of the event

3 p.m. – Opening Session: Which active labor market policies in Calabria Region?

3.15 p.m. – Business destination: Can continuos training give a boost to employment?

4 p.m. – Debate

4.30 p.m. – Business destination: Do digitization open to new employment opportunities?

5 p.m. – Debate 

5:30 p.m. – Closing session

For info and subscription please visit the website.


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