Powerful software suites

Our Proprietary Intelligence Solutions consist of powerful software suites designed for security investigators.

Flexible solutions for a wide variety of agencies
homeland security counterterrorism counternarcotics fraud money laundering human trafficking

The cutting edge is our platform which collects information and consolidated investigation results through visual link and on maps analysis to support inquiry.

We offer a configurable end-to-end processing capability to collect, normalize, search and visualize information and gain insight on events in accordance with legislation. Our platform is user-friendly but highly sophisticated. It is able to provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

Main capabilities
Monitoring of wide-ranging data sources
Ability to track a huge number of phone calls and internet activities
Selective monitoring of voice conversations and e-mails
Efficient archiving and normalization of a huge amount of data
Accurate searching to pinpoint and extract the relevant information
Analysis of extracted information
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